Whose loss? Whose gain?
FIFA World Cup
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FIFA is not only a huge sporting event but also very productive for collecting revenue and boost ones economy. Business research estimated that this year’s tournaments will pumps £1.6 billion boost to South Africa's economy.

Its gaming environment all around the world, especially football enthusiasm. So, we can say its "football in the air"(like love in the air). All the participating countries & teams work hard to create a history & grasp that golden shinny trophy. But behind all this patriotism & cheerleading there is the world called "economy world". General public is unaware in many ways that these kinds of events are very productive and worthwhile for nation's economy. So, now we are going to talk about what kind of impact will this FIFA leave on UK economy.


It's quite obvious that FIFA's popularity & crazy among viewers has led them to spend lots of expenditure. Clever marketers of companies use this opportunity to spends more money on adverting. So, World Cup FIFA is good news for Pubs, off-licences & Supermarkets. All the supporters like to celebrate their team's success & enjoy winning. They want to witness the history created by the winning team, so they all rush to pubs.


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National Insurance & PAYE Services (NPS)

HM Revenue & Customs introduced a new National Insurance & PAYE Service which will be used to issue tax coding notices. National Computer System which has replaced the 12 regional databases that previously handled PAYE processing. It has brought together the formal National Insurance Recording System (NIRS) & elements of the computerisation of PAYE database. They believe the transition to new system brought new improvement in their services. Now, it doesn't matter how many sources of PAYE income an employee has, NPS brings together all their PAYE details on to one record & one database. NPS had three planned phases; the final one was on 6 April 2010 which adds additional automation to the process of checking the amount of tax paid by an individual for a year.

But, the transition to new system has brought to light some discrepancies in their existing records & this is resulting in a number of incorrect coding Notices being issued. HMRC explained that they are try to identify areas of potential discrepancy in the data held by our new NPS. The discrepancies may have given incorrect notices of coding & they are reviewing individual cases to put them right soon so that customers are unaffected.

They mentioned some important details on the issue like:

  • If a P14 is submitted with nil pay and tax but with no date of leaving included, NPS will have created an employment record and may have issued a tax code accordingly which could be incorrect.

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