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Whose loss? Whose gain?
FIFA World Cup
Source: Wikipedia

FIFA is not only a huge sporting event but also very productive for collecting revenue and boost ones economy. Business research estimated that this year’s tournaments will pumps £1.6 billion boost to South Africa's economy.

Its gaming environment all around the world, especially football enthusiasm. So, we can say its "football in the air"(like love in the air). All the participating countries & teams work hard to create a history & grasp that golden shinny trophy. But behind all this patriotism & cheerleading there is the world called "economy world". General public is unaware in many ways that these kinds of events are very productive and worthwhile for nation's economy. So, now we are going to talk about what kind of impact will this FIFA leave on UK economy.


It's quite obvious that FIFA's popularity & crazy among viewers has led them to spend lots of expenditure. Clever marketers of companies use this opportunity to spends more money on adverting. So, World Cup FIFA is good news for Pubs, off-licences & Supermarkets. All the supporters like to celebrate their team's success & enjoy winning. They want to witness the history created by the winning team, so they all rush to pubs.


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